Nothing is better than real life

You arrive to a place that we don't match clothes, we don't look at the camera and we are always ourselves. The good place of family photography. Nobody has to stay still and love is really encouraged. Chaos and silence are very well respected, because we are looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary. Your everyday life just as it is, photographed completely unscripted.

Welcome, I am Marcela

The meaning of creating something for me, the way I celebrate life with all glories and pain and share this is photographing. I am a storyteller and I make images to tell my truth, using reality as my canvas and transforming life in to art. This dance of order and chaos translated in an image.
I love people, and yes this is a statement. Some artists photograph trees, buildings, I photograph people. I am in love with human beings and their response to life.


What is documentary family photography?

It’s an opportunity to have all your family members photographed exactly as they are, so I will be able to capture genuine connections and your uniqueness .

We are boring and our house is a mess!

There is no such thing as a boring family. Although the media doesn't portray that way , we are all doing the same things at home with our families. Your children don't want to remember how it looked, but how it felt.

How does this work in real life?

The booking process will star with a phone call. I want to know about your family, your expectations for the session, answer your questions. Then we set up date and time and submit your deposit.
The day of the session I will come, talk to the kids, let them warm up to me and start making photographs of your life as you live it. Sometimes I will be invisible, sometimes we will be laughing together.
After 3 weeks you will get an online gallery. There you can mark your favorites and we can select the pictures that are going to your album.

Albums are investments for the future.

Oh Yes! Right now the album is for you, later for your children and then for your grandkids. It is a family heirloom.