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I love documenting Mitzvahs. I love going to the synagogue, pray, celebrate such an important day for a jewish family. I think that is because I don't have any family member in the US and when I am working in a Mitzvah I feel at home I feel safe I feel close to my family.

Welcome, I am Marcela

The meaning of creating something for me, the way I celebrate life with all glories and pain and share this is photographing. I am a storyteller and I make images to tell my truth, using reality as my canvas and transforming life in to art. This dance of order and chaos translated in an image.
I love people, and yes this is a statement. Some artists photograph trees, buildings, I photograph people. I am in love with human beings and their response to life.


Are you jewish? Did you have a Bat Mitzvah?

Jewish jewish jewish. I had a Bat Mitzvah in Brazil and it was amazing. There we do as a group but I had my solo.

Do you take portraits before the ceremony?

Yes. Usually you have to arrive one hour before your schedule time with the rabbi.

Do you make albums?

I offer printing service. That means, that I have been working with a lab to calibrate color to make sure that what you saw in your computer is going to be on paper.

Marcela's Approach

" You did such a fabulous job and we are forever grateful to you for capturing the Temple service and the luncheon so perfectly. Every picture tells the story of the warmth and beauty of that day in such an amazing way.Your friendship and love for our family was evident! It’s obvious that you are an exceptional photographer. However, we just can’t thank you enough for all you did to make Gabe’s Bar Mitzvah so very special with memories that will last forever!"

Lila Ardell


Package 01


If your family decided to do just the ceremony, that is great. We can do portraits at the Bima, plan a little kiddish , honor some guests with pictures, tell the story of that day.



50 digital files

on line gallery

album 10X10


Package 02


Great idea. A brunch straight after the ceremony, maybe even at the synagogue. That is a warm event, with time to interact with all the special circle of friends you gather for this day. The food wraps everything together and memories will be make on this day that will last forever


4 hs of shooting

100 digital files

on line gallery

album 10X10


Package 03


Oh Yes! Ceremony and a big party! Dj, candy table, hora chair... everything we can do it as a jewish, specially spending well money.


8 hs of shooting

200 files

on line gallery

Album 10X10